Art Advisors and Appraisers

Estate Management

Arcadia Appraisals provides liquidation assistance for collectors across the southeast. We'll ensure that your assets are sold in the most profitable and efficient ways possible. 

Trust & Estate Management

Downsizing Your Estate

Whether you're doing some spring cleaning, moving, or making a transition in life, it is important to fully understand the value of your possessions to ensure you do not sell valuable assets for well below fair market value. 

At Arcadia Art Consultancy, we provide guidance to individuals who, for whatever reason, are seeking to sell their personal property. We'll help you identify items of considerable value and negotiate the consignment or sale of those items in the most appropriate marketplace, whether it be an auction house, gallery, or private sale. 

We understand that this can be a stressful and emotion process, and we at Arcadia Art Consultancy are here to take that burden off your shoulders. We will handle whatever is needed, including: inventory listings, restorations, authentications, sale negotiations, shipping, insurance, in-home estate sales, and clean out services. In this capacity, we will serve as your advocate, ensuring that you receive the highest possible return for your tangible assets. 

How We’re Different

Arcadia Art Consultancy is not affiliated with any dealers, galleries, auction houses, or estate sale firms. We know that, while all of the aforementioned might express interest in your collection, they are not all equally equipped to handle the sale of said collection. Arcadia Art Consultancy is deeply fluent in the luxury asset market, and will work to ensure that your collection is placed in the hands of the firm(s) most equipped to get you the highest possible return.