Art Advisors and Appraisers

Appraisers & Advisors

Arcadia Appraisals is a full-service art advisory firm which provides personal and corporate collectors with USPAP qualified appraisal reports, art advisory, collection management, and estate planning services. Our team of expert appraisers and fine art professionals ensures that are provided with the highest quality service. 

We produce appraisal reports for such purposes as insurance coverage, damage & loss claims, equitable distribution, probate, estate & financial planning, donations, tax liability, and imminent sale. 

Arcadia Art Consultancy is a boutique tangible asset management firm, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, that provides a national clientele of individuals, as well as endowments, foundations, non-profit institutions, and corporations with advisory, appraisal, and collection management services. We help our clients effectively build, manage, preserve, and transfer their collections of fine art, antiques, jewelry, and other luxury assets. As an independent firm, we work to ensure that our clients understand the true value of their tangible assets so they can make the best financial decisions for themselves and their families.

Professional Services

Arcadia Art Consultancy provides a suite of fully-customized and turn-key services designed to help our clients manage their tangible personal property. For more information, please select one of our four core offerings listed below.

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