Art Advisors and Appraisers

Appraisers & Advisors

Arcadia Appraisals is a full-service art advisory firm which provides personal and corporate collectors with USPAP qualified appraisal reports, art advisory, collection management, and estate planning services. Our team of expert appraisers and fine art professionals ensures that are provided with the highest quality service. 

We produce appraisal reports for such purposes as insurance coverage, damage & loss claims, equitable distribution, probate, estate & financial planning, donations, tax liability, and imminent sale. 

Arcadia Art Consultancy is a full-service firm that provides appraisal reports, art advisory, and collection management services to private and corporate collectors across the United States. Uniquely positioned within the realms art, finance, and the law, our firm can handle the most complex art matters for our high net worth clients. As an independent third party, we have no obligations to any dealer, gallery, or auction house. Our clients are our first, and only priority

Our Services

Appraisal Reports

As expert appraisers, we provide evidenced-based valuations of fine art, antiques and other luxury assets to ensure our clients make the best possible financial decisions for themselves and their families.

With highly experienced general counsel on staff, Arcadia Art Consultancy is particularly sensitive to the use of appraisals for legal purposes and we ensure that our reports can withstand IRS audits and judicial scrutiny. Learn more…

Art Advisory

Whether our clients wish to acquire a single work or build an entire collection, our art advisors are here to help. We meet with our clients at their convenience, and take the time to find the right works of art for their collection.

Our advisors will manage the logistics of buying, maintaining, and selling works, all while mitigating risk and considering the client's wealth management strategy. Learn more…

Collection Management

Our collection management services are designed to help manage and maintain impressive collections of luxury goods.

We work with clients to provide strategic planning through inventory listings, authentications, estate planning, exhibition loans, donations, acquisitions, and deaccessions; preservation and care through condition reporting, facilitating conservation, framing, and shipping; and appraisal services. Learn more…

Art Sales

At Arcadia Art Consultancy, we provide guidance to individuals who are seeking to sell their personal property. We'll identify items of considerable value and negotiate the consignment or sale of those items in the most appropriate and profitable marketplace, whether it be an auction house, gallery, or private sale. Learn more…

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