Art Advisors and Appraisers

Art Advisory

Arcadia Appraisal's team of expert fine art appraisers and advisors are deeply familiar with the working of the fine art and antique markets. We can help manage your entire collection, including all ancillary needs. 

Claire Chambless, “You Forgot to Leave My Soul,” 2017

Claire Chambless, “You Forgot to Leave My Soul,” 2017

Art Advisory Services

Arcadia Art Consultancy provides clients with a fully customized acquisition plan that is structured around their aesthetic preferences and investment strategy—all through a single point of contact. We meet with clients at their convenience, and take the time to find the right works of art for their collection. We help our clients assess each individual work and negotiate the best possible price.

We can also provide assistance with such ancillary needs as:  

Collection Management

Our firm provides collection management services designed to help manage and maintain impressive collections of luxury goods. We work with clients to provide strategic planning through inventory listings, authentications, estate planning, exhibition loans, donations, acquisitions, and deaccessions; preservation and care through condition reporting, facilitating conservation, framing, and shipping; and appraisal services.

ART Sales

Whether our clients are looking to sell a single work, or an entire collection, we provide turn-key support throughout the sales process. This includes, but is not limited to the solicitation and negotiation of sales proposals from auction houses, gallerists, and private dealers, management of the sales process, and the facilitation of estate clean-outs.